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The Grand Clock, Grand Arcade Potts Clock, Leeds – new photographs for 2013

The Grand clock – commercial photographers Leeds commercial photography Leeds

It’s been many years since we had clear new photographs of the Leeds treasure that is the Potts Clock at Grand Arcade.  To read an introduction to the clock and it’s history click here.

The Handpicked Hall retailers are leading a campaign to raise funds to restore the clock, which has not worked properly for many years, to it’s former glory.  Please follow the campaign Facebook page here.

As part of my work with Handpicked Hall, access was arranged for me to photograph the clock in it’s pre-restoration condition.  As you will see, it’s quite dirty and the clock room is damp due to water leaking through the roof.

The famous figures look to be in good condition and have not rusted.  I expected them to be made from plaster but they are actually hollow metal that has been made in sections and joined together.  The figures are also much larger than I expected!  I’m 5ft 5in and they are taller than I am, though they do stand on a raised revolving platform.

This is the exterior view of the clock that shoppers see as they walk down the Grand Arcade.

These are my 2013 images of the clock interior.  Due to previous issues with image theft I have watermarked them.  These images may not be copied or posted elsewhere online, but feel free share links to this blog post.

If you would like to see the full set in my online gallery please click here.


If you would like to see the Grand Clock up close for yourself you need to go buy a drink in Santiagos Bar, which is the unit next to the clock.  There is a viewing window through into the clock room at Santiagos that the staff can direct you to.  The window can be seen on the left hand side of the above image behind the ladder.

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Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

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