Why it’s important to use quality estate agency photographers to sell a property

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I was recently booked to photograph a 2 bedroom back to back property.  On arrival I saw that the house displayed a for sale sign with a different estate agent.  The vendor explained that he was changing estate agents after 6 months due to having few viewings.  The property had been for sale from June to December.

I asked the vendor to show me the listing and photographs that had been used for the last 6 months (because I’m nosey!)  At the time we were standing in this room, the home office, and I did not recognise it from the photo.  The photo on the left is the only image displayed by the estate agent.  The photo on the right is my replacement image that will be used in future. (Note the curved lines on the original photo – this is lens distortion caused by the use of a cheap pocket camera)

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The lounge.  Consider the colour scheme.  In the first photo it looks black & green.  My photos show that the fireplace is actually brown and the wallpaper brown & teal.  Note that the lines that are vertical in the second image are diagonal in the first image.  None of the edges & corners that are supposed to be vertical lines are vertical!  Perspective correction has not been done.

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The vendor felt that the kitchen was a key feature of his home. The cellar had been converted to form a spacious room.  When we walk into a basement kitchen our eyes adapt to the relative darkness but a camera may not. I chose to portray the kitchen as my eyes saw it – large, bright and airy.  The white ceilings in the property are grey in many of the previous estate agent’s images.

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Note how the dining table dominates the scene below, making the room seem much smaller than my alternate view on the right.  Choosing where to stand and selecting the key views is important.

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Below left is the only bathroom photo on the estate agents listing.  The other two are my new ones.  The white tiles appear grey on the first photo.

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The master bedroom is in the loft spacethumb_1014220__575pxW-horz


Second bedroom.  Again we see lens distortion and a lack of perspective correction.thumb_1014218__575pxW-horz

Exterior view.  I replaced the white sky with a blue one.thumb_1014214__575pxW-horz

The yard/ garden.

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The photos from the previous estate agent are the full set of their images that appeared on the website listing for the property.  Both photographers attended on sunny days in good weather.

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  1. john sheepy April 25, 2017 at 12:45 pm #

    we are currently purely a letting agents but looking at extending into property sales
    found you on ‘google’ and was very impressed
    Can you please give me an idea of charges per property etc

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