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Photographers Horsforth – PR photography for Barnados in Horsforth

Photographers Horsforth – PR photography Horsforth – photographers Leeds

I attended a coffee shop on New Road Side to take some PR photographs for Barnados.  They needed images to promote their “Big coffee morning” events across the UK.

Photographers Horsforth, PR photography Horsforth, Horsforth photographers LS18 Photographers Horsforth LS18, PR photography Horsforth, PR photographers, photographer advertising

If you’re looking for a photographer in Horsforth please get in touch.  I cover weddings, events and corporate bookings across the UK from my home in Adel, LS16.

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LOVE letters Wedding Hire – bright 4ft letters by AndyLids

LOVE letters Wedding Hire – giant 4ft LOVE letters – wedding photographers Leeds

DJ Andy Liddle has commissioned this set of fabulous LOVE letters!  They are available to hire across Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire areas.  The price is discounted if you also book Andy as your DJ.  They are hand made from thick wood and then painted white.

Andy brought them to Nicki & Stewart’s wedding at The Leeds Club so that they could be photographed. They started off in the foyer while guests danced to a traditional West Indian steel band.  Then the letters were moved onto the dancefloor later in the evening.  The DJ rig shown in the photos is not Andy’s.  Click here to enquire about booking them via Andy’s website.

LOVE letters wedding hire, hire large love letters LOVE letters Wedding Hire, book giant love letters for wedding LOVE letters Wedding Hire, giant love letters giant LOVE letters Wedding Hire, light up love letters giant light up love letter hire, The Leeds Club photography

Many thanks to Nicki, Stewart and friends for their help.  We enjoyed a wonderful day at Leeds Club and the letters really added to the ambience of the venue.  Leeds Club is a popular Yorkshire wedding venue situated in the centre of Leeds.  If you’re local, it’s between “the big Boots” and WH Smiths on the pedestrian precinct.

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

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Selby weddings – The Wedding Shop Selby – dresses and suits galore!

Selby weddings – wedding shops Selbywedding photographers Selby

I paid a visit to Yorkshire bridal store The Wedding Shop at Selby after meeting co-owner Julie on Facebook.  The shop is a family business so it was great to be introduced to Julie’s sister Vicki and brother David too.  I was amazed to see how big the shop is!  I had expected to see a small high street shop but the shop frontage hides an enormous interior!  You can see some of the treasures I discovered below.

Inside there are complete boutiques offering wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, groom suit hire, tiaras, table decor, bouquets, candy carts and much more.  The Wedding Shop is like a permanent wedding fayre.  The staff told me some brides spend a whole day in there to get their entire wedding booked in one day!  Imagine how much time they save…

I found the nearest public car park down a little side street called Park Row.  If you drive past the Abbey (so the Abbey is on your left) there’s a right hand turn into Park Row. The shop address is 8 The Crescent, Selby YO8 4PD
You can book appointments on 01757 213309 or just call in when you’re passing.

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Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

wedding photography Yorkshire – Selby weddings – wedding photographers Wakefield

Selling Your Home Photography – Making the most of a professional architectural interiors photographer

selling your home photography – professional photography for estate agents

Selling your home can be an exciting and daunting experience, especially if you haven’t done it before!  Hiring a professional estate agency like Whitegates is an important step in the process and you may have already had advice from the staff at Whitegates Bramley.

This article is to help you get the best from the professional photography package that is part of the Whitegates service.  The bits that I will ask you to do while I am there are in red.  Everything else is optional.  There are lots of suggestions here that you could work through to improve your photographs, which in turn will help you sell your house!

Now that so many people decide which houses to view based on internet searches, your photographs play an important part in attracting viewers to your home.   Below you will find examples from a couple of houses that were photographed twice, once by the estate agent and then by Ollievision.  You will see that professional photography can transform your home and make it look newer, better maintained, larger and lighter.

Please note that I will usually photograph whatever you have chosen to keep in the room.  I am unable to move furniture, washing baskets, clothes airers, storage boxes or other household items.  If things need to be moved from a room please do that before I arrive.

Click here for some handy tips on de-cluttering your home.

selling your home photography, estate agent photos


  • Please go around the house before I arrive and switch on every light, including bedside lamps, cooker hood, bathroom mirror etc.
  • Check the light fittings have working bulbs.  I regularly see multi-light fittings with some bulbs that have died!

Front of house photo

  • The usual issue when I arrive is that your car may be parked on the drive or right in front of the house.  I will ask you to move it so that I can photograph the house without the car.

Fire – If you have a living flame fire it’s a good idea to light it.

Curtains – my preference is for these to be pushed back to the edges of the window so that buyers can see how big the windows are.  It will also help the room look lighter.

Blinds & nets – you can leave these as you would normally have them.  However, if the window has a good view my advice is that you draw the blinds back so that the view may be visible on the photos.


  • Check the under-side of the cooker/extractor fan hood.  This is often visible on the photographs.  If you are tall you may not have noticed grime gathering there!
  • Remove the family notice board from the kitchen wall or tidy it up.
  • Check the fridge door.  Does it display your fridge magnet collection or beer mat collection?  Put those in a safe place!
  • If there are coat hooks on the back of the door please clear them of coats


  • Look behind the sofa and large furniture items.  Is there a large gap between the furniture and the wall or the radiator?  If so, then move the furniture back before the photographer arrives.  This will help make the room look larger on the photographs.
  • If you have a TV that stands on a table please push it back a bit to narrow the gap between it and the wall
  • If you have a lot of little ornaments along the mantel piece and fireplace then it usually looks better to de-clutter those while you sell the house
  • Please switch the TV off

Below left was taken by the estate agent using a standard camera.  Right hand image taken by Ollievision Photography. selling your home photography, interiors photographer Leeds


  • I usually take 2-3 views of the master bedroom.  It helps if you remove as much of your property as possible from the main bedroom.  Some owners stack boxes in the corners of the room which makes it more difficult for me to get into the best positions.  If you need to stash boxes in the main bedroom then the top of the wardrobe is probably the best place to put them.
  • Back of bedroom doors.  Are there a lot of garments hanging on the back of the door?  If so please remove them.  Some images may be taken with the door closed.

Below left is estate agents own photo.  Right is by Ollievision.  Note that the bedroom door is in the image and is free from coats etc. selling your home photography, Leeds estate agent photos


  • If you have a coat stand please clear it of coats or leave just a couple on.  I have been to houses where the coat stand has many layers of clothing on it!  Even if I do not photograph the hall, the coat stand may be visible if it is near the doorway of another room.  If your hall is fairly large I will usually photograph it.


  • Think “hotel bathroom” here!  When you go into a hotel bathroom there are just a few nice bottles, eg a soap dispenser, shampoo etc.  In homes, I regularly see lots of bottles of bleach and other cleaning materials stacked on a shelf or lined up along the floor.  These look very distracting on the photographs so it’s best to put them in a box.  You can place the box into the bath.  If I need to move it I can then just take it into another room while I photograph the bathroom.
  • Towels & facecloths.  My preference is for these to be removed from the room.  They rarely look good on photographs.
  • Bathmats.  If these are colour coordinated and look very new and clean then leave them in position.  If not, it’s better to remove them.
  • Check the underneath of the sink for soap/dirt.  When we live in a house we tend to view the bathroom from standing height.  When I photograph it I may kneel down.  This reveals marks that may not be evident when you are stood up!
  • Grouting/white sealant.  If this has gone black in parts, eg around the bath, then consider bleaching it.  At my house I use neat bleach applied with a paint brush.  This reduces black marks on the sealant around the shower tray or bath. (Be careful not to leave neat bleach on chrome or anything else that could be damaged by it.  30 minutes is usually long enough.)

Left hand photo below taken by estate agent.  Note how the estate agents camera over compensates for the window & white bathroom and makes the  room look very dull.  Right hand image by Ollievision. photographer estate agency Leeds, selling your home photography


  • If you have a rotary clothes drier please fold it down or remove it completely.
  • Remove any distracting items, eg peg bags hanging, old broken hanging baskets, broken planters.
  • If necessary, cut the grass a couple of days before the photographer is due so that it recovers and is stood up neatly.
  • Don’t cut the grass too short, you need it to look long and green on the photos
  • If you own patio furniture that is stacked away then consider arranging the table and 2-3 chairs on the patio so that people can imagine themselves sitting out there.  Parasols generally don’t photograph well as they obscure the view.  So it’s best to hide the parasol in the garage.
  • coil the garden hose neatly
  • wheelie bins never look good so put them in the garage if they will fit!


  • I do not usually photograph inside the garage so you can store all your boxes from around the house in there!
  • If you have a particularly nice, tidy garage and would like it to be photographed please ask me to do it.


  • I don’t photograph cellars unless they have been converted to form usable living space.  If I need to see the cellar please say so as I will not ask.
  • If the cellar is not to be photographed then use it to store all the things you have de-cluttered from around the house!


  • If you have pets consider whether you want that to be evident on the photographs.  For example, if you leave pet toys & food bowls on display viewers of the images might assume your carpets are dirtier than in a non-dog home.  My advice is to hide the dog feeding bowls so that a buyer can’t make incorrect assumptions about your property when they see the photos.
  • Dogs and cats tend to like me and follow me around the house, photo bombing the images!  Please shut them in an upstairs bedroom if possible while I photograph the downstairs.

Come rain or shine… Left hand image by estate agent.  A week later I visited in the pouring rain!  You can see how wet the ground is.  The blue sky is a Photoshop replacement. estate agents Pudsey, Leeds photographer architecture, selling your home photography

Even an empty home can be improved by professional interiors photography.  Below left is the estate agents photo.  Right hand image taken by Ollievision.  Note that the mark above the fireplace is much more obvious on the first photo.

estate agency photographers Leeds, selling your home photography

If you’d prefer professional images of your home please check before signing a sales agreement!  Most estate agency photographs will be similar quality to those on the left hand side in my examples above.  Most estate agents do not commission professional photographers.  My service is included as standard in home sale packages at Whitegates in Bramley.  Their office covers the Pudsey, Bramley, Armley, Farnley, Kirkstall, Holbeck & Wortley areas. You can book a no obligation consultation by calling 0113 255 3511.  You can find them on Google Maps and see inside their new office at 14 Lowtown by clicking here.

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision.  Strictly copyright, breech of copyright fees apply.

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Building photographer Leeds – The construction and refurbishment of Roxy Lanes Leeds

Building photographer Leeds – Roxy Lanes Leeds photos – photographers Leeds

Pinnacle was chosen as a central Leeds venue for the new Roxy Lanes.  I attended during the refurbishment phase to see the builders in action!  The photos were commissioned by Leeds List for various articles to cover the launch.

Roxy Lanes will offer American style bowling lanes in an adult bar/club oriented environment.  It’s fascinating to see the empty shell and watch it transform into something special.

If you’re looking for building and refurbishment photography in Leeds please get in touch.

Building photographer Leeds, Roxy Lanes refurbishment at Pinnacle

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

Building photographer Leeds – architectural photographerswedding photography Leeds

PR Photography Leeds – Valley Striders Cycling Club

PR Photography Leeds – cycling photography Leeds – sports photographer Leeds

Valley Striders is a Leeds running and cycling club.  I was asked to take photographs of their cyclists to be used in advertising and on their website.  We met at Roundhay park on a spring evening.  The shoot was directed by Andy Stoneman of Leeds design agency, InspiredBy.

There’s a lot of interest in cycling in Leeds because in July 2014 the Tour de France starts here!  Valley Striders Cycling Club are very excited about the arrival of such a major event!  They have taken part in several pre-Tour de France events, including the Ghost Peleton.

If you’re heading to Yorkshire for the Tour de France be sure to stop a few days here and enjoy our amazing countryside.  If you need a photographer for an event or gathering please get in touch and I’ll be happy to have a chat about what you need.

PR Photography Leeds, cycling photographers Leeds PR Photography Leeds, photographer for PR Leeds, Tour de France photographers Leeds

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

PR Photography Leeds – Leeds wedding photographerscommercial photographers Leeds

Leeds Food Photographer – afternoon tea photographed in the Victoria Quarter, Leeds

Leeds Food Photographer – photographer Victoria Quarter – food photographer Leeds

As a Leeds photographer I am regularly asked to photograph food, which I love doing!  I’m particularly happy if I get to eat it afterwards!  These images were commissioned by Leeds List for their client, Filmore & Union.  F&U have opened a cafe serving healthy meals and snacks in the Victoria Quarter.

My brief was to capture interior and exterior views of Filmore & Union and images of their champagne cream tea.  I’m sure you will agree it looks delicious!  My favourite item tasted was the chocolate brownie – one of the best I have ever had.

If you are looking for a food photographer in Yorkshire please get in touch.  I can offer both studio and on location food photography according to your needs.  My aim is to show the beauty and detail of the food so that a viewer can “feel” it’s texture through the image.  My images are suitable for all purposes, including advertising, brochures and large size prints to decorate your premises.

Leeds Food Photographer, victoria quarter filmore union cafe Leeds, Leeds Food Photographer Leeds Food Photographers, photographer Leeds

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

Leeds Food Photographer – photography Leeds restaurant – wedding photographer Leeds

Drink Photography Leeds – Cocktails for Leeds Arena Bar

Drink Photography Leeds – bar photographers Leeds – food and drink photographers

These images were commissioned by Leeds List for use in an advertising campaign to support the opening of LAB (Leeds Arena Bar.)  My brief was to capture the making of a set of four unique cocktails and images of the finished drinks.  The shoot took place on location at Brooklyn Bar, another of the Jones Bar Group premises in Leeds.

If you need a professional photographer who can do your products justice then please get in touch for a chat about how Ollievision can help you.  I offer commercial food and drink photography across the Leeds and Yorkshire region.  This can be combined with event coverage showing your premises in use.  Together with Leeds List a comprehensive package of photography and advertising can help launch your brand on the Leeds market.

Drink Photography Leeds, bar photographer

coctail photography, Drink Photography LeedsLeeds bar photographers, Drink Photography Leeds photographer Brooklyn bar Leeds, photographers in Leeds photographers for bar cocktails, food photographer

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

Drink Photography Leeds – Leeds wedding photographersevent photography Leeds

Google business photography Leeds – Yum Yum Deli, Brewery Wharf

Google business photography Leeds – Yum Yum deli photographs – photographers Leeds

Are you looking for ways to help your business stand out on Google?  Get in touch to discuss whether the official Google Maps business photography service is right for you.  I am one of the licenced Google photographers in the UK.

You can find the lovely Yum Yum Deli & Cafe at Brewery Wharf in Leeds.  Look for the giant “ears of barley” sculpture when you pass Oracle at Millennium Bridge.

The images below were taken for the Google places page of Yum Yum and may also be used by them on Twitter, Facebook and their website.  Commissioning Google Maps Business Photography from a professional photographer means you can have quality interior point of interest photos.  You can see the virtual tour on Yum Yum’s Google Places page here.  Just click “see inside” to walk around the interior and exterior of the business.

If you’re looking for Google Maps Business Photos in the Yorkshire area please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  You can call me on 0787 292 4103 or message me via the contact page here.

There’s more information about Google business photography here.

Google business photography Leeds, google virtual tours Leeds

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

google trusted photographers Leeds – restaurant photography Leeds – google maps photography

Estate Agency Photography Leeds – residential property sales photographs for local estate agents

Estate Agency Photography Leeds – photographer estate agent – residential property photographers

As a full time photographer, when I’m not photographing weddings and events most of my time is spent on architecture & commercial photography of all kinds.

These are a few samples of the photographs I have prepared for Leeds estate agents.  My images are perspective corrected to remove sloping vertical lines and give a “magazine look.”  Lens and other corrections remove the distortions that are commonly seen in residential property photography.  Skies may be replaced – no more dull lifeless skies making properties look drab!

Do you have a white bathroom and kitchen?  On my photographs they will look white!  No nasty yellow glow to spoil them.

  • Quality photographs can help sell a home by increasing the number of viewings.
  • Quality, colour corrected images stand out on web listings and attract the viewers attention.

If you are selling your home and would like to commission professional photographs please get in touch for further information.  You can phone Paula on 0787 292 4103 or email her via the contact page here.

Our property photography service is non-intrusive, photographs are usually taken in around 45 minutes and then professionally processed.  We will give you guidance on anything that needs to be moved to improve the images.

If you’d like to see the Ollievision portfolio for commercial property including shops, hotels and restaurants please ask and Paula can send you some links.

Estate Agency Photography Leeds, residential property sales photographs for local estate agents Estate Agency Photography Leeds, estate agent photos Leeds, turnkey

Having your home professionally photographed also gives you something to remember it at it’s best.

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

Estate Agency Photography Leeds – property photography Leeds – architectural photographer Leeds