How this all started: Carlo Saleminetti has been harassing & intimidating me online for almost 2 years… why?

You may not know either of us and are wondering why a full time wedding photographer, like myself, has felt my only option was to turn over my own blog to telling the story of Carlo Saleminetti & Claire Potter’s hate campaign against me. 

With permission, I have included many screen shots and references to other victims of Carlo & Claire, who operate the following businesses in North West England:

Squashed Apple Limited (now closed)
Bella Grace Photography
Firstly, I am not alone.  I am grateful for the help & support of many other people who are or have been Carlo’s previous victims.  Many thanks to Carlo’s clients who have come forward, his former family members and other wedding traders who have been targeted.  Many are too scared to do what I am doing.
I believe that bullies are like vampires: they die when exposed to the light. Carlo has lived in the shadows, reviewing me and making highly offensive, defamatory posts while posing as my own unhappy clients.
In summer 2020 I gave Carlo & Claire 48 hours to remove all false reviews. They responded by adding more of them.  Eventually, I began to respond to each review in the comments, naming Carlo & Claire as the source and adding links to their business websites.  Then on 11th June 2021 Carlo made a 15 minute phone call to me to try and intimidate me into removing my responses. My husband overheard the call and then Carlo started targeting his business too and lying about him online.

Please read this post if you are a police officer who has been asked to investigate this blog post

My story is wrapped up in that of Toyah, a VERY unhappy client of Carlo & Claire’s.  Her wedding on 25th May 2019 was booked for 3 staff members: 2 photographers (Carlo & a 2nd shooter) and a videographer/ drone pilot (Claire Potter/Carlo).  Toyah had paid in full £2200 prior to the wedding.  However, Carlo had a booking for a wedding in the Dominican Republic on 19th May 2019, a few days before Toyah’s wedding. He had assured her he’d be back in plenty of time but he decided to extend his time there to enjoy a holiday with Claire Potter, who was his new girlfriend at the time.  Carlo & Claire had both been booked under the Squashed Apple brand to shoot Toyah’s wedding, along with an un-named second shooter. (A second shooter is a often a less experienced wedding photographer who assists the primary photographer. They will get shots from additional angles. Often booked on hourly/ date rates.)
Carlo pretended there had been flight delays affecting his return to the UK instead of telling Toyah and other affected clients the truth.
All together, the wedding scammers team were contacted by five different couples who claimed they had been ditched by Carlo for his holiday and suffered losses as a result.  Carlo claimed these allegations were untrue and made up by jealous competitors… but then I met one of the affected clients when she attended a wedding I photographed later on in 2019.
As Carlo & Claire were now on holiday, Toyah was left without most of the team who were supposed to photograph & video her wedding. This was only revealed to her the day before her wedding, though she expected Carlo & Claire to replace themselves and send 3 staff members.  On the day, replacement staff were not sent, though a second shooter called Steve attended on his own.  Steve did his very best. He had only been booked that morning and offered £150 day rate by Carlo to photograph the wedding as a second shooter.  But on arrival he was left to try and do all the work himself which simply wasn’t possible.  He took the photos he could manage and sent them to Carlo & Claire for editing.
In the end, Toyah was left with 3 main problems:
1 complete lack of her wedding video
2 poorer quality photos than expected as Steve was not an experienced primary wedding photographer
3 reduced coverage from only having one photographer instead of two
Carlo Saleminetti scams, wedding photographers Wirral
This is where things get complicated!  Victoria Stockton is one of Carlo’s own profiles, used to pose as a happy client in wedding groups and recommend Squashed Apple.  He used Victoria to reach out to his victims who he spotted were contemplating suing him in small claims court.  Many of the posts about Carlo & Claire could be seen publicly on Facebook so it was easy for him to find the brides, after all, they had already complained so he just needed to watch them online.
Here, he poses as a bride, Victoria, who has ALREADY sued Squashed Apple and lost.  The messages are a convenient way of threatening the clients about what would happen to them if they took Carlo to court. A similar set of messages was submitted by two different brides and we had reports of Victoria reaching out to “warn” other clients too.  In the UK witness intimidation is an offence.
Carlo (as Victoria) claims that:
1 The client was forced to have mediation
2 The courts were on Carlo’s side, it was a joke
3 The client found they risked being sued for libel & defamation
4 Their solicitor advised them to remove negative reviews as it could lead to them losing their home
5 The client had their car vandalised
6 The client had their house window smashed
7 The expert report provided to the court did not help the bride’s claim
Note Victoria/ Carlo’s final message below… he explains why he had spent months adding false reviews about my business, Ollievision Photography, to different online review sites. He was doing it in advance of Toyah’s court claim to try and undermine my suitability as an expert witness.  I assume that Carlo knew I had worked on other cases over the years as an expert witness. However, I have never been an expert witness in a claim against Carlo.  It is an offence in the UK to intimidate a witness in a court claim.
victoria stockton is carlo saleminetti of squashed apple
victoria stockton is carlo saleminetti posing as a bride
On 2nd October 2020, Toyah’s court claim was finally heard in court. Carlo made this post on his profile, lying about the outcome of the claim. Toyah was awarded £1500 by the court, not £150. On the phone call to me of 11th June, Carlo claimed he also sent me hate mail via inbox but I had blocked him as soon as I saw this post on his profile.  Note that Carlo misrepresents the reason for the court claim, stating that Toyah complained because he hadn’t shot the wedding himself.  He failed to attend and failed to send a replacement!
carlo saleminetti review scammer, reviews
(Photo copyright Carlo Saleminetti, editorial use.)
On 11th June 2021 Carlo phoned me to intimidate me.  He demanded I remove my responses to his false reviews.  I refused to do this as he can remove my responses by simply removing his own lies. Since then, Carlo’s made more false reviews and started targeting my husband and my husband’s company. We are both self employed.
The same day Carlo phoned me I was contacted by Loretta, his brave ex-wife.  She had given me a Google review in March 2021 confirming that the fake reviews were from Carlo & Claire, especially the one in her daughter’s name.  Carlo had bullied her into taking down the review, which she had finally done on 11th June.  Then he phoned me.
carlo saleminietti, claire potter, wirral wedding photographers
Here’s Carlo in late June 2021, showing followers on the “wedding scammers don’t let them win page” one of his false reviews for my company on Trust Pilot
false reviews by Carlo Saleminetti of squashed apple
So there you have it – a crazy story but one that needs to be told.  Feel free to share these blog posts.  Carlo says he’ll “come and sort this out face to face” so who knows what he’s planning next!

See how Carlo Saleminetti (aka Karl Salem Omar) & Claire Potter have used false reviews to try and ruin their competitors and their own clients

Check out real client reviews for Carlo & Claire’s wedding photography brands, Squashed Apple, Bella Grace & 

How Carlo Saleminetti weaponised false Google & Trust Pilot reviews against his own clients and competitors

Can you really trust Google & Trust Pilot reviews?

Wedding photographer, Carlo Saleminetti, is an expert at generating different kinds of false reviews to attack his clients and competitors.

I’m a volunteer admin at a group called “wedding scams brides & companies to be aware of” where we help brides, grooms and traders who have fallen victim to some kind of wedding fraud, or are in dispute and need advice.  We’ve had a group of Carlo Saleminetti’s angry clients complaining about different aspects of his products & service since May 2019.  Complaints include not attending wedding bookings then failing to refund the payments he had taken.  Last summer we discovered that clients who had dared complain about his services had been subjected to anonymous false reviews on their own businesses. “Wedding scammers” team admins have also been targeted, along with photographers who trade locally to Carlo & his fiance, Claire Potter, in the Wirral/ Liverpool/ Manchester areas.  They operate the following wedding photography/ videography brands:

Squashed Apple Limited
Bella Grace Photography

Please read this link if you are a police officer who has been asked to investigate this blog post

First, let’s look at the earliest case I have found, that of Charles the wedding photographer, over 10 years ago.  Charles was trading innocently in the same area as Carlo, minding his own business. They didn’t know each other until Charles discovered that Carlo had set up his new Squashed Apple website using all the text copied from Charles website!  Carlo had grabbed the lot instead of writing his own, then changed the hourly booking fee to £25 from Charles £50.   Charles complained about copyright theft to Carlo and then to the web hosting company who took the site down.  All together, five of Carlo’s websites were taken down for copyright theft. (There were other issues regarding image theft, with a photographer in the USA being the source of some of Carlo’s portfolio.)  An extremely long dispute began, with Carlo attacking Charles and trying to shut his business down for around 2 years in revenge.

Carlo used an unusual method to attack Charles which is explained in the BBC Click video investigation here: Carlo Saleminetti hate campaign against his competitor

Charles woke one day to find that Carlo had posed as Charles and reviewed lots of their mutual competitors, promoting Charles’ company as being cheaper & better value.  Of course, the other traders were outraged and Charles was inundated with angry complaints.  Carlo’s strategy intended that Charles’ business would be ruined by his competitors repaying him with revenge reviews.

Carlo also set up a website to attack Charles, called Fakescam, which is still online.  Charles was hounded for a long time, until he sadly died from cancer and his wife moved to live near family in another area.

fakescam blog by Carlo Saleminetti set up to attack an innocent competitor


In addition to the above, I have found old posts in photographers forums where Carlo has posed as an independent “thinker” criticising Charles and saying they think he’s to blame for the whole thing.  Obviously, this was done around 2010 when Carlo was just starting out as a wedding photographer so some content will have disappeared by now. However, I have been supplied with a comprehensive pack of information relating to the dispute.

In 2020, Carlo used a similar method to attack my own business, Ollievision Photography.  He created a clone of the real “wedding scammers don’t let them win” page and used it to attack Carla, a cake maker near Liverpool.  I was contacted by Cath, a mutual friend, and offered to speak to Carla about what was at first a rather confusing problem.  Cath sent me screen shots of Carla being shamed as a scammer on the “wedding scammers” Facebook page.  I’d never heard of Carla so assumed that the post must have been made by another admin… but then I couldn’t find it on the page or in our group.  After some searching we discovered that the posts shaming Carla were NOT on our page!  They were on a new, cloned page that had just a handful of likes.

Carla kept saying “Why are they doing this to me?” and I remember responding “I don’t know but I have a feeling it’s not about you. It’s about me.”  Sure enough, after several days of the fake page riling up Carla’s angry friends and customers a new post appeared. This time the page owner claimed to be proud of their reviews so people should head over and leave reviews for them.  Screen shots of my Ollievision photography Google & Trust Pilot reviews were posted to imply that I was the person who had been attacking Carla!  Fortunately, thanks to the honest communication between myself and Carla, she was able to warn her followers that the post was a hoax and I had nothing to do with the attacks on her.  Facebook took down Carlo’s fake page and associated group a few days later.

This is a screen shot of the fake Wedding Scammers page showing part of a post shaming Carla’s company.

Carlo Saleminetti wedding photographer creates false reviews on other wedding traders

At that time, March/April 2020, we did not know that Carlo Saleminetti was behind the false reviews I was experiencing, or the fake wedding scammers page and the attack on Carla.  Things changed in the summer of 2020 when Carlo made mistakes with further false reviews.  I was contacted by clients who were suing Carlo or had made complaints but not yet started legal proceedings.  Four of their businesses had been subjected to false reviews.  That’s when things made sense…we all had one thing in common: Carlo & Claire had grievances against us. We set about comparing the accounts and fake reviews and found that some were duplicated, with Carlo’s fake identities (eg Cat Coors, Anouska Brey, Kim Whelan, L Jo Bamford and more) caught reviewing more than one of his victims or competitors or attacking them in Facebook groups.

Another early review scamming complaint came from Mrs Florgeolette Walker, a Squashed Apple client around 2010. She caught Carlo reviewing Squashed Apple positively online using her name – before he’d delivered her wedding photos.  She made a complaint and things descended from there.  Once she got her photos she wasn’t happy as Carlo had left the wedding early.  She had coverage missing that she had paid for.

This scanned document was sent to me. I believe the first part is Mrs Walker’s Trust Pilot review on Squashed Apple.  Due her being from overseas, Carlo then fabricates his excuse for leaving early… a home office immigration raid!  This is an excellent example of the defamatory lies Carlo has spread about clients and competitors.

Mrs Walker’s response:

carlo saleminetti compaints, squashed apple photography complaints

One of the most shocking incidents “Wedding Scammers” have ever seen re the treatment of a bride by her wedding photographer is the screen shot below.  L was shown her poor quality wedding video by Carlo Saleminetti and raised a complaint.  Soon after, a false allegation of child abuse was made against L on her employers Google listing to try and get her sacked.  Police were called but it was not possible to identify the reviewer due to the false name of Michelle Chambers being used .  Then around 6 months later, the Google account name changed to that of Carlo Saleminetti’s daughter, Grace.  Grace’s mother has confirmed that she does not have a Google account and has assured us the reviewer is Carlo Saleminetti himself.

Only Carlo Saleminetti could have known where L worked and the significance of blaming the review on Michelle, who is a member of the Wedding Scammers admin team. Michelle’s name has been used on other false reviews by Carlo.  He intended the victims to attack her husband’s wedding photography business.

carlo saleminetti photographydealsuk trying to get a client sacked after she complains about her wedding video

I checked on 16th July 2021 and this review is still on the nursery Google page.  L has asked me to conceal her identity and that of the nursery.  She still doesn’t have her wedding video. Carlo took down the one she complained about from the Squashed Apple Vimeo account without ever supplying a copy for download.

carlo saleminetti review scams

carlo saleminetti review scams,

Conversation on the “wedding scammers” Facebook page where Grace Saleminetti’s mother discovers what Carlo has been up to in the child’s name!

Then there’s Toyah, whose story I will tell in another blog post.  Toyah was let down for her wedding video by Carlo, he & Claire failed to attend the wedding due to booking themselves a last minute holiday.  Toyah had paid £2200 to Squashed Apple before her wedding.  After being let down, she had to pay £1950 on her wedding morning to find & book a new wedding videographer which was very stressful and led to her wedding being delayed. Carlo refused to refund the portion of his combined photo/video fee that was for the video, or take any responsibility for the missing staff & service.

After her wedding a dispute began where Toyah insisted Carlo should refund her videography fee and he kept refusing! In Feb 2020, Toyah issued a “letter before action” stating she would take Carlo & Squashed Apple to small claims court for a partial refund and costs.  Toyah had recently started a new business, renting out Teepees & domes for parties and events.  Just weeks after Toyah launched her small business the false reviews started, this is one of them, from a member of Squashed Apple “staff”, Anouska Brey. It is not known whether Anouska is Carlo or is a real person acting on his behalf.

Carlo Saleminetti photographer gives false review

Aouska Brey is Carlo Saleminetti, fake reviews


Carlo Saleminetti is Anouska Brey

Anouska has spent years posing as a happy client of Carlo’s in the Wirral Weddings Facebook group to help Carlo bring in bookings.  But why would a genuine client of Carlo target the new business of Toyah, a trader she had never booked?  Carlo’s false profiles have been used in Wirral Weddings to silence and even have real clients removed when they told the truth about their experiences with Squashed Apple.

anouska brey photographer squashed applecarlo saleminetti using anouska brey profile, wedding photographers wirral

I have no idea what this poor beautician did to upset Carlo or Claire….

Carlo Saleminetti reviews Reagan using his fake profile


Liverpool Teepee also received a number of false enquiries to waste their time.  This is Carlo using his Cat Coors profile.  The same profile was used to make a false review on the business page of a different client who had complained about their wedding photography.  Together, the false enquiries and reviews weave a web that reveals Carlo Saleminetti & Claire Potter as the only possible sources.

Carlo Saleminetti using his Cat Coors account to make fake enquiry

Due to delays caused by the pandemic, Toyah’s case did not get into court until October 2020.  She won the claim and Carlo was ordered to refund £1500 for the missing videography, photography & costs.  He still has not paid the CCJ which now stands at over £3000 owed due to enforcement fees. Carlo lied about the outcome and reasons for the court case, claiming Toyah had only been awarded £150.  As you can see, he blamed me for Toyah taking him to court!  This has never been explained… he’s spent all this time attacking me without ever having any reason to think I was involved.  (However, if you are now suing Carlo then I’m happy to help!)

carlo saleminetti review scammer, reviews

(photo copyright Carlo Saleminetti, editorial use.)

carlo saleminetti posing as Olivia Burgess to make a false review

Here are more of Carlo & Claire’s original complaints on my Google listing from Feb-July 2020.  These “clients” could not be identified as none had complained or revealed event information. I hadn’t had any complaints to join up with any reviews.

Claire Potter and Carlo Saleminetti false review Ollievision photography

On the above review note the link to the “wedding scammers” team: the blue scam alert photo posted is actually the one used as the group & page header.  Also, use of the name “Knapp”… another wedding scammers team admin.

Now compare these (above & below) – same review by Claire Louise Potter of Bella Grace images, Carlo’s fiance. As we saw on another blog post, “reviewer” was previously called Claire on Trust Pilot.

Claire Louise Potter of bella grace images false reviews

This is another example from the first wave of my own false reviews.  The date for them all is 5th Feb 2020, immediately after Toyah had issued Carlo with a “7 days notice of legal proceedings” letter by post.  These two were on Yellow Pages, who dealt with them when I reported it. I must admit to being impressed by Yell, they have been by far the best at dealing with false reviews.

You can see the Dave Cuddy review is duplicated from Google & Trust Pilot, plus an extra from Lisa D. I have never been sued by a client so her claim is obviously made up.

Carlo Saleminetti false reviewer of wedding photographers, squashed apple photography scam

Lisa Drayton popped up again on my Google listing in Feb 2020.  Her account was used to add terrible wedding photos to my online portfolio on Google.  If she were a real client then why add photos I had not taken to my business profile?  I had to report several of these dreadful photos to Google for copyright infringement to get them taken off my listing. My business was also marked as “permanently closed” on Google.

Carlo Saleminetti of squashed apple adding fake photos to his competitors portfolio

Here’s another for one of Carlo’s clients. The groom owns his own maintenance company.  Both he and the bride are self employed and had their businesses targeted with false reviews after they complained about Carlo’s services. Review is still on Trust Pilot as of 20/7/21.

carlo saleminetti false review on dan james

Carlo phoned me on 11th June 2021, threatening to “come and sort me out face to face.”  My husband overheard the call and Carlo has since tried intimidating him too.  Police are aware and a full call recording is available.  Before Carlo made the call that day, he’d spent weeks bullying his brave ex-wife, Loretta, into removing this (March 2021) review from my Google listing.  He waited until she finally took it down, on 11th June, then made the call to me.

carlo saleminietti, claire potter, wirral wedding photographers

The screen shot below is from earlier in 2021, maybe February time.  Whelan Kim is one of Carlo’s profiles, used as a fake bride to help bring in bookings in Facebook groups. However, he used the profile to make insulting comments on Toyah’s Teepee & events Facebook page.  This is the business he’d already used other fake profiles like Anouska Brey to review. Remember, Toyah is Carlo & Claire’s own client!  All she did was complain and ask for a refund after they failed to attend her wedding and provide the services she had paid for.  (More about Toyah’s story here.)

Then see the next screen shot… that’s the same identity on Trust Pilot giving me a fake review!  The claims in the review are all false: the bride who lost her court claim had not been advised by Wedding Scammers team.

whelan kim is carlo saleminetti, scam

My response to Carlo/ Kim’s review:

squashed apple photography scammers, Carlo saleminetti, Claire Louise Potter


If you are one of Carlo & Claire’s clients or competitors and would like your false reviews featuring on this blog post please send them over!

Check out some of Carlo & Claire’s reviews from real clients here! Squashed Apple, Bella Grace & reviews

Claire Potter of Bella Grace Images: review scamming & competitor intimidation?

Claire Louise Potter is the fiance & business partner of Carlo Saleminetti, who has been running a defamation campaign against me and my company for around 2 years.  You can see some of their false client reviews on my Google listing and on the Trust Pilot account they created for me. Several others have been removed from review sites, so what you can see now is just part of what they have created.  They tried to destroy my reputation and business after Carlo was issued with legal proceedings by a client, Toyah, who he let down for her wedding video.  Carlo assumed that I would be the expert witness in the court claim, so tried to undermine my testimony for several months in advance of the claim coming to court.  I wasn’t even a witness for his client! is Claire’s website.  She also operates jointly with Carlo and his better known brand, Squashed Apple  The SA site is currently down as he is trying to persuade county court bailiffs that he is not trading and is unable to pay CCJ’s owed to clients who have sued him.  Toyah is currently owed over £3000 which court bailiffs have been trying to extract from Carlo since late in 2020.

bella grace images, Claire Potter and Carlo saleminetti are business partners

Please click to read this info if you are a Police officer who has been asked to investigate this blog post


Carlo’s telephone call to me on 11/6/21 was intended to intimidate me into removing my responses from his & Claire’s false reviews.  He insists that Claire has nothing to do with his hatred and stalking of me.

However, myself and other victims believe that:

  • Claire is fully aware of Carlo’s behaviour towards his unhappy clients and other victims
  • Claire has enough influence over Carlo to cause him to phone me and defend her but has failed to try and assist any of the companies victims.
  • Claire has used her own personal Google & Trust Pilot accounts to add further false reviews in addition to those placed by Carlo.

Let’s have a look at this Trust Pilot review for my company, Ollievision Photography.  Note that I did not have a TP account until Carlo created it to add false client reviews to!  Claire keeps coming back to amend the review – it was originally just the bottom paragraph in 2020.  No complaint has been made by any of my clients and she refuses to give any information to identify the event, date or location.

Then look at the two following screen shots!  They are other reviews made by the owner of the “Reviewer” Trust Pilot account prior to reviewing Ollievision.  She’s changed her name from Claire since the reviews were made on Muscle Food in 2019 and Mindful Chef in May 2020!  

Claire Potter of bella grace images making false review on competitor Trust pilot account

reviewer is Claire Potter of bella grace images

Compare the two screen shots below: One is the original Google review from 2020 and the other the matching Trust Pilot review made at the same time.  Claire is the name on the Google account and we’ve seen she was also “reviewer.”

Claire Louise Potter of bella grace images false reviews

If you have been scammed or intimidated by Carlo or Claire please join the group
bella grace photography reviews, Claire potter photographer Liverpool
bella grace images reviews, claire potter photographer
bella grace photography wirral reviews

Read more about how Carlo & Claire have weaponised false reviews against their competitors and clients here 

Real reviews that Carlo Saleminetti doesn’t want clients to see for and Squashed Apple

To understand the context of these blog posts please read my story.  Wedding photographer Carlo Saleminetti has been stalking and harassing me for almost 2 years and now it’s time for me to speak out. 

We have been told that Carlo Saleminetti & Claire Potter pay for their Squashed Apple Trust Pilot account to make it easier to have real reviews removed.  I suspect this is true because Trust Pilot have allowed obviously false reviews to sit on the TP listing that Carlo created for me.  Trust Pilot are aware of his record for faking reviews yet have taken no action.  Below I have displayed some of the Trust Pilot reviews that Carlo has had and others that are available scattered across Facebook profiles and groups by his clients.

gemma review of squashed apple photography carlo saleminetti

Note above that the bride has tagged Rach More.  Carlo created his Rach More identity as a member of Squashed Apple staff – obviously clients never met her.  She was then blamed for any rudeness to clients via email.

Stacey’s claim against Carlo Saleminetti is one of the most disturbing.  On discovering her mother was in hospital dying from brain cancer, he pretended that Stacey had lost her “gallery PIN” and said she would have to pay £175 extra for him to give her a new password. This was so her mum could see the photos before she died.  Stacey’s claim is still pending as her mum died without ever seeing the photos, despite this being over 3 years after her wedding.  Stacey still has no photos or video from her wedding. reviews, bella grace images reviews

Click here if you are a Police officer asked to investigate this blog post 

genuine reviews for squashed apple photography,

Note above that Carlo knows exactly who Hayley, his client, is!  He even publishes the home address he has on her contract, pretending he got it from an IP address tracing company.  This was to try and intimidate her into removing the review.

Louise Ana was one of Carlo’s clients in 2019. Her testimonial for Squashed Apple is still available on her Facebook profile:

Louise ana testimonial for squashed apple photography, carlo saleminetti scam victims

wedding reviews for Carlo saleminetti,


bella grace photography reviews, Claire potter photographer Liverpool

squashed apple photography reviews, Carlo Saleminetti photographer, Karl Salem Omar

bella grace images reviews, claire potter photographer

bella grace photography wirral reviews

Note that Charlotte’s booking was with Bella Grace Images, which Claire Potter claims is owned & operated solely by her.  However, Carlo not only attended as staff on the day but was also asked to deal with the client complaint after the wedding.

This one is one of several allegations that Carlo adds new charges to a clients bill after the wedding.  Some of the clients we are dealing with at Wedding Scammers don’t have their photo/video because of disputes after the wedding caused by additional fees of up to £300 being applied.

squashed apple photographers reviews, Karl Salem Omar photography reviews, Claire Louise potter photographer

carlo saleminetti videographer wirral manchester

This 2015 wedding was clearly a disaster for Carlo!  His bride’s angry family left him reviews on Facebook the next day. reviews reviews, Carlo saleminetti

verified reviews for

Found on an old photographers forum from 2010…

photographers forum discussion


I’ll add more to this blog post as and when I get time.  There are more in Facebook groups, including “wedding scams, brides & companies to be aware of.”



Carlo Saleminetti of caught abusing Leeds architect with false reviews

Carlo began a hate campaign against architect Nick Brown after Nick witnessed Carlo abusing his wife on a phone call.

Carlo has been trying to ruin my wedding photography business using various forms of fake reviews for a couple of years.  However, when I discovered who was behind them in summer 2020, I started responding and naming him & Claire Potter in my replies.  Carlo phoned me on 11th June 2021 to intimidate me, demanding that I remove my responses. I pointed out that I have not reviewed him at all, I have simply replied to his own false reviews on my business.  So if he wants the info gone then all he has to do is delete his own lies!

The Ben Smith review below is a real client on Carlo’s own Trust Pilot account for his main brand, Squashed Apple photography – it’s an old review so Carlo returned to it and changed the response in June 2021 to state it had been written by me and my husband!  Ben then became confused by the new response and updated his review on 17/6/21, hence the reference to Carlo “waffling.”

My husband’s only offence against Carlo is that he listened in to a 15 minute threatening phone call made by Carlo to me.  Carlo didn’t know Nick was there, or that the call was being recorded. I did inform Carlo of the recording during the call and said I would be willing to publish it online but he was trying hard to be menacing and shout over me so didn’t respond.

By the end of the call, Carlo became increasingly “upset” by my refusal to listen to him and treat his lies with respect.  He could hear me giggling when he threatened to end the call.  I reminded him that HE had called ME and that I was not a willing participant in his intimidation call anyway.


Carlo saleminetti of

Note the fabricated “diagnosis” of narcissistic personality disorder!  Carlo & Claire do not know me and and have no evidence of me having any mental health problems.  This type of behaviour is typical towards Carlo’s victims, with him accusing many of having mental health problems.

Carlo saleminetti review scams

A shorter version of this post appears on my Facebook here

Carlo Saleminetti operates under the following wedding photography/ videography brand names with his girlfriend Claire Potter:
Read more about Carlo Saleminetti attempts to destroy my business here
Another false review was placed on 15th July 2021 on Ollievision’s Trust Pilot account:
Carlo saleminetti posing as architect Nick Brown
These are a couple of the false Google reviews placed by Carlo & Claire onto my business in summer 2020. You can see “Winnie” is already obsessing over my husband. If I were Claire Potter I’d be very concerned that her “fiance” spends so much time fantasising about another woman and her husband!
Carlo saleminetti fake reviews

Please read this post if you are a Police officer who has been asked to investigate this dispute.